Our values

We strive to develop the cultural capital of Kraków’s residents and guests, as well as our partners and institutions, by hosting myriad events and support programmes.

Our mission is providing culture at your fingertips. We work hard to include all social groups, including people with disabilities, children and young people, elderly people and representatives of minorities.

We are building an environment based on mutual respect and openness.

We bring together audiences during meetings with culture. We remember all residents and visitors, and support intergenerational and intercultural exchanges of experiences and ideas. Discussion forms the core of our activities. We have plenty of our own stories to tell, but we are also keen to listen and learn


One of our goals is to shift the concept of festivals towards a more sustainable model, stretched over time and meeting a wide range of needs. As well as hosting major events, we also run educational programmes, workshop cycles, creative residencies and other activities developing the industry. We reach local residents, tourists and artists. It is our greatest strength and a privilege we reach for to make our city more interesting, open to diversity and teeming with culture.


We bring culture to children as part of the Kids in Kraków project. We are in touch with parents and carers and provide spaces suitable for children; we also encourage kids to enjoy culture. We use our social media to publish information on the best events for families, tips on how to stave off boredom and other recommendations.

We have created the Facebook page Kraków for Everyone especially for people with disabilities. It contains the latest information on events, initiatives and entertainment accessible to all and those dedicated to people with special needs.

We work closely with experts in the field, including from Kraków’s Activity Centres for the Elderly, social care homes, the Babiński Hospital, and schools for students with special educational needs. We work with the Polish Association for the Deaf to host courses of Polish Sign Language. We also develop projects helping people with sight impairments to enjoy films with audiodescription at our events.


We strive to create a safe and welcoming work environment for KBF’s team and our numerous partners and collaborators. We promote values of pluralism and dialogue as being at the foundation of an open and creative society. We have made great strides, but we still have plenty to learn. If there’s something you want to tell us, we’re here.

Culture brings us all closer together!


Strategy of KBF

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