About KBF

We have been creating unforgettable festivals, meetings, picnics, exhibitions and workshops for over twenty years.

Our focus mainly lies in literature, film and music. We are also involved in visual arts and other cultural spheres.

Together with local residents, guests, partners and businesses we support out city’s sustainable development.

We work in Kraków and for Kraków, for its residents, tourists, brief visitors and those who end up staying for longer. Our institution is all about the people behind hundreds of events held each year. It’s about the emotions we feel by the stage and the unforgettable memories we take away. It’s about changes rooted in experiments, and a sense of belonging. It’s all about living traditions and new ideas.


So what do we do?

We organise events which are important items on the cultural map of Europe. Our most recognisable brands include Misteria Paschalia dedicated to early music, and Sacrum Profanum showcasing experimental music. Krakow Film Music Festival, organised jointly by KBF and RMF Classic, is famous for its spectacular concerts. We are also proud of our literary events: the Miłosz Festival dedicated to poetry, and the Conrad Festival focusing on prose and organised jointly with the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation. One of the favourite events of Cracovians and tourists is the Wianki Music Festival, ushering in the summer.

But KBF is about more than just festivals. We are the operator of the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature programme – Poland’s first urban strategy promoting reading and supporting authors and local book markets. As part of our activities with the Kraków Film Commission, we manage the Regional Film Fund and International Film Fund which support domestic and international film productions in Kraków and Małopolska.

We are animators of cultural life as co-hosts of the Potocki Palace on the Rynek Główny. The beautiful building welcomes all visitors, and it is open to ideas of local residents and institutions. One of our important goals is to revitalise the historic Wesoła district: we are working with representatives of cultural circles, NGOs and businesses to create a new, creative space in the heart of Kraków a stone’s throw from the Old Town.

We have been responsible for implementing the Kraków Culture municipal policies since 2021. Published as part of the initiative, the quarterly magazine “Kraków Culture” and website Karnet serve as guides to cultural events in the city and channels of international communication. Our publications also include the monthly “Kraków i Świat” and quarterly “Czas Literatury”.

Since our mission includes educating young Cracovians, we run the programme Kids in Kraków – a wide range of workshops and activities, and a platform providing information on all the latest local initiatives. And of course we work hard to ensure that people with disabilities and special needs have access to Kraków’s culture, with the website Kraków for Everyone providing up-to-date information.

And that’s not all!

We are keeping our hand on the pulse, and we are always wherever Cracovians need us most. We keep a close eye on the latest cultural trends by hosting meetings following the living lab principles. This helps us gain the latest knowledge and tried and tested ideas.

We develop many of our projects and programmes ourselves, as well as being involved in partnerships and collaborations. We share our experiences with others and seek inspiration from you. We continue to revise the shape and vision of all the things we list after the colon.

We are here for you. We are KBF.

Our partners

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Agencja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa
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