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Wianki in Krakow. Let’s celebrate the first day of summer together!

24 June 2023

Powiśle – Planty – Wesoła – Jordana Park

When Kraków’s streets are filled with the sound of music, flowers and all crowds of people, it is a clear sign that summer is upon us! We have been celebrating that day with concerts in the open air, street music, a competition for the most beautiful wreath, a family picnic and more… This year’s Wianki in Krakow will take place on 24 June!

Wianki is first and foremost a celebration of music! This year, the main stage in Powiśle is going to feature:

Dina Jashari and Drugari – artist, singer and songwriter from North Macedonia. Emotional lyrics, modern and fresh beats, as well as subtle melodies are what make her music stand out. She was one of the nine artists qualified for the next stage of the 2023 HEMI Music Awards.

Kasia Lins – singer, pianist, composer and lyricist. Her music, concerts and videos are characterised by a sultry atmosphere and cinematic feel. In 2020, she released the highly acclaimed album Moja wina. During Wianki in Krakow, in addition to previously released songs, she is going to showcase the latest singles from her upcoming third album, slated to release this fall.

Piotr Zioła, an artist who made quite a stir by disappearing from the stage soon after his successful 2016 debut. His latest release – Wariat – takes us on a journey of discovery, letting us know what has been going on with him over the past few years. Each piece subtly describes the artist’s experiences throughout this period.

Miuosh, also known as Miłosz Borycki – a rapper who has been breaking the mould of traditional hip-hop music for more than a decade, building quite a loyal fan base among the rap lovers and beyond. On 24 June, he is going to give us an acoustic show in Powiśle with guest appearances by Piotr Zioła, Julia Pietrucha and Marek Dyjak.

Since we are celebrating the Year of Wisława Szymborska, Miuosh is going to give us a special treat – first live performances of his songs featuring lyrics by the famous Nobel Prize laureate.

The Street Music concerts are going to showcase six bands selected in the “Partnership for Music: Wianki in Krakow – Street Music” competition. On the 24th of June, expect to find them at four locations in the Planty Park. Keep your eyes peeled in the afternoon!

Since last year, the Concert at Dawn has been a part of the Wianki festival. This year, we are going to carry on with this new tradition. Join us at 4am on 25 June – we will celebrate together with the EtnoKraków / Crossroads festival, presenting the Songs from the Four Corners of the World, the prologue of its 25th anniversary edition. The concert of Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Polish songs from the Green Forest and Greater Poland regions refers to the symbolism of fire, water, the coming of summer and Midsummer traditions. It will be an extraordinary event, during which we will listen to the poignant vocals unplugged.

Ola Bilińska, known from Babadag, fascinated by the traditional Lithuanian songs, will perform with the Kriščiūnaitė sisters (Poland/Lithuania). The charismatic Joanna Słowińska, who seeks inspiration in old Polish and Slavic ritual songs, will perform with the Dola ensemble, while the Śpiewu Przyczyna women’s ensemble performing traditional Kurpie songs, as well as the Klymenko and Goncharenko sisters and the Babsky Kozachok ensemble (Ukraine) will sing ancient songs about women’s fate.

One cannot celebrate the first days of summer without flowers! Can you think of a place more beautiful at this time of year than the Planty Garden Ring – Kraków’s largest wreath wrapped around the Old Town? We are going to set up three stations in the western part of the park – in the vicinity of the Podwale and Dunajewskiego Streets, giving you an opportunity to make a wreath on your own. We will provide all kinds of plants, flowers, twigs, floral materials, as well as tissue paper, yarn, ribbons, bows and strings. If you want to make your own wreath, join us from 2 to 4pm. We are also going to host a wreath-weaving workshops in the Factory Zone in Powiśle – be sure to join us at 11am or 12:30pm. Free tickets will be available on the KBF website, starting on 19 June: Tickets.

Powiśle will also have the traditional contest for the most beautiful wreath with great prizes provided by our sponsors! The competition wreaths will be woven on Czerwieński Boulevard from 2 to 4pm. Rules of the contest will be available on the festival’s website, and the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will take place on the main stage in Powiśle at 5:40pm.

The Wianki celebration will also give families a lot of opportunities to have fun and enjoy the weather. From 11am to 4pm the Wesoła Street Glade near Śniadeckich Street will turn into a space for young explorers and adventurers, all thanks to a science and nature picnic. Keep your eyes peeled for more information – but we are happy to announce that you are going to meet real scientists and scholars, who will share all kinds of interesting trivia about science! There will be no shortage of references to Midsummer traditions and fun in the lap of nature.

We want to make Wianki an accessible festival. Together with the Kultura Bez Barier Foundation, we are going to prepare ETR texts – information concerning the festival written in a way that is easy to read and understand for people with intellectual disabilities. We are planning a number of events featuring sign language interpreters to make the festival accessible for the d/Deaf. What is more, we are going to provide audio descriptions of all festival areas and paths from public transit stops to make it easier for people with visual disabilities to get to the festival and walk around.

The partners of the event are: City of Kraków Waterworks, Factory, Hard Rock Cafe Kraków and Mini Melts. The competition prizes are sponsored by: Factory, Hard Rock Cafe Kraków, and the City of Kraków Waterworks.

Financed from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund and the Creative Europe – CULTURE Programme.



Wianki in Krakow

24 June 2023



24 June, 5–10pm

5pm    Dina Jashari x Drugari

6pm    Kasia Lins

7pm    Piotr Zioła

8:30pm    Miuosh Acoustic feat. Julia Pietrucha, Piotr Zioła and Marek Dyjak



24 June, 11am–4pm

Wesoła Street Glade, Jana and Jędrzeja Śniadeckich Street



24 June, 2–4pm

STATION 1: Demarczyk Square (by the Boy-Żeleński monument)

STATION 2: Skrzyneckiego Square (by the Grażyna statue)

STATION 3: Square at the St Casimir’s Church (near the Palace of Arts)



24 June, 2–4pm

Czerwieński Boulevard (11 Powiśle Street)

Results will be announced at 5:40pm on the Powiśle Stage



24 June, from 4pm

  1. Square at the St Casimir’s Church (near the Palace of Arts)
  2. Planty Gazebo near Westerplatte Street
  3. Demarczyk Square
  4. Skrzyneckiego Square



24 June, from 10pm

Poczta Główna Meeting Club



25 June, 4am, Jordana Park

Concert at Dawn. 25 Years of EtnoKraków / Crossroads | Prologue

Ola Bilińska, Raminta & Lauksmina Kriščiūnaitė (LT) / Joanna Słowińska & Dola (PL) / Iryna Klymenko & Babsky Kozachok (UA) / Śpiewu Przyczyna (Kurpie)

Organiser: KBF

Co-organiser: Crossroads Association


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