Potocki Palace

Potocki Palace

20 Rynek Główny

The Potocki Palace is a venue for cultural gatherings set in the historic heart of Kraków. It’s also a space for exchanging experiences and ideas between local and municipal circles. We are shaping an open, lively space for creativity, dialogue and innovation.

At the start of each month we present the schedule of the best upcoming book launches, lectures, festival meetings, concerts, workshops for kids and young people and wellbeing activities.

Since 2021, the Potocki Palace at 20 Rynek Główny has been co-hosted by KBF and the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery.

The main sphere of the Potocki Palace’s activities is presenting a wide range of high-quality, diverse and interdisciplinary cultural events which are tailored and accessible to many different kinds of audiences. This includes open events and workshops for smaller groups, prepared by KBF and/or external organisers, as well as one-off and cyclical events and festivals. We want the place to be teeming with life for a long time to come!

The Potocki Palace serves as a space for dialogue between representatives of cultural sectors, NGOs and activists whose common goal is sustainable development and a desire to implement social change. The activities include supporting up-and-coming artists, local initiatives and innovation laboratories. The aim of the Incubator at the Potocki Palace is to develop high-quality events, state-of-the-art solutions and working standards, and networks of partners around joint activities.

Its prestigious location recalling Kraków’s cultural heritage and KBF’s wide-ranging municipal activities makes the Potocki Palace a natural space for diplomatic activities, conferences and promotional and business events held by cultural institutions, diplomatic units and municipal and commercial groups. International activities of the Potocki Palace are supported by its residential quarters, used throughout the year by authors and translators as part of the creative development programme of the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature project.

On the opening day, Robert Piaskowski, Deputy of the Mayor of Kraków for Culture, said, “The Potocki Palace is a space open to important discussions on Kraków’s culture and cultural heritage – a space for the city’s cultural diplomacy and day-to-day meetings between artists, festival organisers and local residents. The place serves as a network and a communal space bringing together art, music, literature and modern ideas. Being a former palace may bring to mind exclusive connotations, but we prefer to think of it as a genuine forum for exchanging ideas and experiences.”


Since 6 June, 2021, the Potocki Palace at 20 Rynek Główny has been co-hosted by KBF and the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. Our neighbours include the Photomonth Foundation, Kraków UNESCO City of Literature and the editorial office of “Czas Literatury”.

Our partners include Dobra Palarnia Kawy, the Photomonth Foundation, Kraków UNESCO City of Literature, “Czas Literatury”, Kraków Culture, De Revolutionibus Books, several publishing houses (Agora, Wydawnictwo Czarne, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Wydawnictwo Karakter and Wydawnictwo Znak), Wawel Royal Castle, Inspiro Foundation, Porta Musicae Association, All in UJ Association, Foundation Zustricz Association, Spleen Foundation, Kids in Kraków, “Kraków i Świat”, Faculty of Polish Language Studies at the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Classical Philology at the Jagiellonian University, Academy of Fine Arts, Conrad Festival, Misteria Paschalia, Miłosz Festival, Sacrum Profanum, Film Music Festival in Kraków, Kraków Film Festival, Mastercard OFF Camera, Patchlab Festival and Unsound Festival.


* Potocki Palace. Meetings with culture:

Rynek Główny 20, @palacpotockichkrakow 


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