Kraków Culture

New cultural policies? A toolkit for cultural, tourism and business sectors and local residents? A comprehensive seasonal presentation of the most important cultural events in the city? Kraków Culture, created by KBF and the City of Kraków, is all this and more. This fresh look at the world of culture is driven by the demands of the modern world and the need to find what we need in the vast volumes of information, and helps us identify the most important events and phenomena on the local and global levels.

The project centres around the fact that culture has been at a core of Kraków’s identity from the city’s earliest days. From heritage to gastronomy, from museums to festivals, from arts and crafts to contemporary urban concepts – the sixteen categories covered on tell the story of a city proud of its history and boldly looking to the future. The project comprises myriad elements including the quarterly magazine “Kraków Culture”, the Kraków Culture – Karnet website, the VOD platform PLAY KRAKÓW and planned websites offering tickets for cultural events and local museums.

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