Krakow Film Music Festival

Ever dreamed of hearing the soundtrack from your favourite film or TV series performed live? Everything is possible with the Krakow Film Music Festival! The event creates a unique atmosphere by bringing together some of the finest interpretations of music performed by leading musicians and orchestras with state-of-the-art screenings.

The monumental performances – the largest are held at the vast space of TAURON Arena Kraków, while some of the more intimate shows are held at the Auditorium of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre – stand out with their bold production, innovative sound technology, sheer scale of performance and extraordinary artistic quality of concerts. It’s no wonder, then, that the festival attracts huge crowds of dedicated fans every year!

It is one of the most important events promoting film music and its creators in the world, so every year Kraków hosts some of the hottest composers and directors, guests from Hollywood and Oscar winners. The event is organised by the KBF and RMF Classic.

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