We are in no doubt that the worlds of business and culture should work together; we simply need one another.

We build culture which is accessible, which reaches for traditions and which sets out new trends. There is plenty of space for your brand in many of KBF’s activities.

Want to join our marketing campaigns and unorthodox projects? Or perhaps you are interested in programme partnership? We’ll work together to find the best solution!.

Culture sets out new directions for thinking and provides a universal answer to our innate need to work together. It brings together audiences of cult festivals, fascinating debates and inspirational vernissages. Brand engagement in culture isn’t just about building a positive image – it’s about a belief that we are all collectively responsible for a better tomorrow.

Want to know about working with us? Get in touch! We’ll prepare a tailor-made proposal.

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Zuzanna Nikiel-Warchoł Sales and Business Cooperation Specialist tel: +48 506 591 476 zuzanna.warchol@kbf.krakow.pl
Paulina Lach Sales and Business Cooperation Specialist tel: +48 518 68 12 92 paulina.lach@kbf.krakow.pl
Justyna Czuj Sales and Business Cooperation Specialist tel: +48 571 290 300 justyna.czuj@kbf.krakow.pl

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