Young Cracovians’ Academy

How does the city infrastructure work? Where does our rubbish end up? Where does our water supply come from? Is traffic management difficult? How does the fire brigade respond to emergency calls? The Young Cracovians’ Academy reveals answers to these and plenty more questions!

Guided tours, workshops and visits to various institutions in Kraków introduce children – especially primary school students – to issues concerning the environment, safety and making the city run smoothly as a modern metropolis, reveal little-known green spaces and let participants design their dream locations.

The Academy helps young people develop their interests and expand their understanding of the world around them. The KBF is one of the institutions actively involved in this municipal educational programme.

During workshops organised by InfoKraków staff, young explorers can discover the nooks and crannies of the ICE Kraków Congress Center, learn more about the work of tourist guides and get inspired to visit and explore Nowa Huta.

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