Work with universities

With over 20 universities teaching close to 200,000 students, Kraków is Poland’s second largest higher-education centre. Alongside Warsaw, Kraków’s universities are the most prestigious in the country, while Poland’s oldest – the Jagiellonian – marked its 650th anniversary in 2014.

As part of the celebrations, the KBF produced a monumental spectacle UNIVERSA: Open Opera at the Rynek Główny, set to music by A.P. Kaczmarek. The organisation works with Kraków’s universities by offering students a range of volunteering opportunities and by participating in teaching activities.

They are an excellent opportunity to share information on producing and promoting events, planning campaigns and strategies and the realities of culture management in one of Poland’s largest cities. Students are also regularly invited to venues such as ICE Kraków for study visits, meetings and sightseeing.

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