Resilient Bookshops

Independent and second-hand bookshops in Kraków are the natural, tried-and-tested partners of the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature programme, and a strategic industry protected and supported by its activities.

Kraków has long supported its independent and second-hand bookshops; the city understand the important role they play in shaping and developing readership, acting as invaluable “small centres” of cultural life in different districts and shaping the city’s literary atmosphere. As part of this wide-reaching, long-term project we work with bookshops by helping them arrange their interiors to promote books supported by the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature programme, working together to promote them on our social media and hosting literary meetings as part of the programme.

The aim is to promote Kraków’s contemporary literary and publishing activities while supporting independent and second-hand bookshops throughout the city. Additionally, around Christmas we hold the survey for Bookshop of the Year, with readers voting for their favourite places to support their selection of titles, atmosphere, event programmes and especially people responsible for creating these unique spaces. Winners are awarded the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature Quality Mark.

Our partners

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Agencja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa
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