Planet Lem Literature and Language Centre

Love literature? If the answer is yes, then Planet Lem is being created just for you! It will be the first institution of its kind in Poland. The expansive exhibition space features moving exhibitions dedicated to icons of literary Kraków and innovative exhibits recalling Stanisław Lem’s writings.

The multifunctional interiors will serve as a perfect venue for literary festivals and meetings, and year-round educational programmes focusing on language and literature. Additionally, Planet Lem will host a state-of-the-art media library with a multimedia workshop, reading room, bookshop and café and a co-working space supporting creative interaction between Kraków’s different literary circles. The adjacent garden will serve as an oasis of peace in the highly urbanised post-industrial district of Zabłocie.

Our partners

Miasto Kraków
Agencja Rozwoju Miasta Krakowa
Unia Europejska