Lesson plans

The festivals and events we organise are more than just unique shows, beautiful concerts and inspiring meetings. There is also education, which is one of the most important pillars of our business. KBF’s biggest projects, such as the Misteria Paschalia early music festival, the Kraków Film Music Festival, the Sacrum Profanum contemporary music festival, the Wianki Music Festival and the All Around Nativity Scenes project, are accompanied by lesson plans for children and young people. These handouts have been produced since 2020 on special order from KBF.

The handouts are designed for young audiences at different levels of education. Teachers from Cracovian schools participate in their creation to ensure that the contents are interesting and up-to-date while keeping in line with the core curriculum. To date, we have prepared plans for nearly twenty creative activities with pupils.

So far, we have worked with the following experts on preparing the handouts:

  • Rafał Bednarz – teacher with many years of experience ranging from primary through secondary school to academic teaching, and an active city guide;
  • Jadwiga Bendo – certified secondary school physics teacher, examiner for the secondary school final physics exams and author, co-author and reviewer of educational materials;
  • Magdalena Boczar – school pedagogue and neurologist, professionally affiliated with the KEN Secondary School No. 10 in Kraków;
  • Rafał Ciuruś – teacher of computer science and maths at the Arkady Fiedler Primary School No. 114 in Kraków;
  • Katarzyna Długosz-Adamska – graduate in theatre studies from the Jagiellonian University and Polish language teacher at the Henryk Sienkiewicz Primary School No. 36 in Kraków;
  • Remigiusz Gogosz – history teacher at the College of Europe in Kraków;
  • Agnieszka Hliwa – Polish language teacher at the College of Europe Primary School at the International Educational Centre in Kraków, educational trainer, theatre patron and author of an art and literature blog;
  • Barbara Jachymczak – teacher at the Blessed Laura Vicuña Salesian Sisters’ Public Elementary School in Kraków with more than 20 years of experience in early childhood education;
  • Marek Piątkowski – president of the Aeris Futuro Foundation, environmental educator, photographer, tour guide and sports instructor;
  • Katarzyna Prałat – teacher of Polish language and cultural knowledge at the Private Secondary School No. 5 in Kraków, literature theorist, cultural researcher and author of the blog “Ars Discendi”;
  • Anna Słowikowska-Bogacka – certified teacher of Polish language, philosophy and ethics at the August Witkowski Secondary School No. 5 in Kraków, awarded the “Cracovian Teacher with Passion” accolade in 2019;
  • Wioletta Szuba – certified drama trainer, art therapist, educator, owner of the educational company “Karimba Theatre Drama Art Therapy” and board member of the KURDYBANEK Foundation for Creative and Socio-Educational Initiatives;
  • Maria Wosiek – pianist and piano teacher at the Bronisław Rutkowski First and Second Degree Music School in Kraków and at the Music School Complex in Wieliczka, winner of the Award of the Mayor of the City of Kraków (2015) and the medal of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Meritorious for Polish Culture”;
  • Mateusz Wrona – Polish language teacher from the Andrzej Strug Primary School No. 26 in Kraków and co-author of the popular books Slavic Mythology and Devils, Demons, Apparitions. Tales from the Lord’s Table.


We post all documents in PDF format on the event websites under the Education tab and announce them on the Education Portal of the City of Kraków. The files are available free of charge to all educators interested in conducting lessons related to culture. We warmly encourage you to download the handouts, and we hope they will serve as inspiration in working with children and young people.

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