Krakow Film Commission

Kraków is famous as a city of literature, but it’s also one of Poland’s most important cinematography centres! This is largely thanks to the Krakow Film Commission, founded in 2008 by the KBF with the aim of supporting filmmakers working in Małopolska.

Collaboration with artists starts at the earliest stages of production. The organisation’s database includes photos of myriad interior and outdoor settings throughout the region.

Partners of the Krakow Film Commission can also call on experts working in film and TV production and companies with experience in the field.

The Krakow Film Commission also supports Kraków’s main industry festivals (Off Camera, Kraków Film Festival, International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima), organises workshops for filmmakers (Screenwriting Atelier, The Film Spring Open, SKOK W DOK) and summertime outdoor screenings, and provides financial support to Polish films through the Film Fund in Kraków.

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