Discover Kraków

Can ancient Kraków surprise our young visitors? Can early music concerts be enjoyable for children? What is contemporary music? Who was Stanisław Lem? Do all roads lead to Kraków? These and other questions are answered by the Discover Kraków sheets and guided walks for Cracovian schools and families with children organised under the same banner. They reveal the sounds of the city and explain film sets. The walks are a great introduction to Kraków, and they encourage young people to play an active part in its cultural life.

Originally published in 2020 in response to the widespread closures due to the pandemic, the sheets showcase some of the most interesting places in Kraków and reveal the city’s cultural aspects. They are also available from Between March and November, Discover Kraków features city tours with acclaimed Cracovian guides aimed at students from local schools, groups of children and young people at risk of exclusion and families with children.

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