Around Nativity Scenes

The festive season always means visiting churches and admiring Christmas decorations. Kraków is famous for its annual nativity scene competition, traditionally opening on the first Thursday of December. The post-competition exhibition at Celestat (branch of the Kraków City Museum) presents the award-winning constructions until the end of February.

Additionally, large-scale nativity scenes which had won in previous years and those commissioned especially for each year are presented in display cabinets in Kraków’s squares, parks, hotels, bookshops, shopping malls and windows, cafés and restaurants as part of the Around Nativity Scenes campaign.

The project, prepared jointly by the KBF and the Kraków Museum, also features a tour of the outdoor constructions, with the guide explaining their links to the city. Kraków’s nativity scene-making tradition has been added to UNESCO’s Non-Material Heritage List – Poland’s first entry on this prestigious register.

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