Opera Rara

It affects all our senses, explores the vast diversity of operas written over the last four centuries and showcases them in their fullest form. Opera Rara was launched in 2009 as a cycle presenting ambitious, successful projects restoring forgotten or long-lost operas.

Over the years the event has evolved into a festival, which is held during the Carnival – a period traditionally associated with opera and with parties and balls in general.

Opera Rara evokes refined beauty and pure joy. Today it is one of Kraków’s flagship festivals presenting operas penned during the Baroque alongside more recent ones, some in their full setting, others as concert versions, and low-key vocal recitals.

The broad formula is made possible by the organisers the City of Kraków, the KBF and Capella Cracoviensis, with support from the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre.

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