Kraków Culture – Karnet

Concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, literary meetings and interdisciplinary gatherings – a full review of all cultural events in Kraków in a single information portal! You will find the latest news on Kraków’s best festivals alongside events hosted by cultural centres, galleries and independent theatres. There can be as many as a hundred events in a single day! Navigating through this jungle of events is made easier by the search engine and clear divisions by category, date etc.

The bilingual portal, launched at the turn of the century as the website of the monthly magazine “Karnet” and expanding ever since, is now an integral part of the Kraków Culture project where it serves as a compendium of information on all aspects of our city’s cultural life. It’s also integrated with the Kids in Kraków and InfoKraków websites, and the city’s official tourist portal Kraków Travel, edited by the team at KBF’s Publishing Division.

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