Kids in Krakow publications

We used the materials gathered for the Kids in Kraków portal to create a special map focusing on our youngest residents and visitors. In 2017 we launched its annual distribution and we regularly update it with the latest attractions, routes and family-friendly venues.

The colourful map shows routes of walking tours, fascinating stories, game suggestions and information about kid-friendly sites and venues. The Kids in Kraków brand now also includes a family guide to the city, free to pick up from InfoKraków Tourist Information points.


The booklet is packed full of illustrations, stories, rhymes, puzzles and – of course – suggested walks. You can also join organised tours to hear experts telling fascinating stories and guiding participants along the route.

The InfoKraków Map is a long-running map of the city centre and the most important tourist districts in the city, updated annually, featuring the most important tourist attractions, historic churches and museums – a true mini-guide to Krakow. We offer this free publication to everybody – both tourists, as well as companies and institutions that want to provide it to their customers. There’s enough for everyone – we took care of it!

The Discover Kraków project features downloadable worksheets filled with fascinating and inspirational tasks for kids curious about the secrets of our city. The set of 26 sheets covers four areas – nature, history, society and culture – serving as inspiration for walks, exploring the natural world, finding cultural events and activities and learning something new with the whole family. Just print out the worksheets and go out on an adventure!

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