Divine Comedy

The best known, most interesting and most controversial spectacles of the past year… Throughout the decade of its existence, the Divine Comedy Festival has become one of the most important theatre events in Poland, by giving Cracovian stages to visionary artists, sensitive to social phenomena and keen to respond to the changing reality.

Performances are divided into three streams: Inferno (best Polish spectacles of last year), Paradiso (for up-and-coming directors) and Purgatorio (Poland’s premieres). It’s no wonder, then, that the festival is a major celebration of Polish theatre, with all performances filled to the brim with devoted audiences. The festival was founded in 2008 as a result of a collaboration between the KBF and the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre. Today, the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre is the main organiser of events, with the Kraków Festival Office providing organisational and promotional support.

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