Culture matters. It ensures the growth of society and impacts the levels of life satisfaction of its recipients. It draws upon the historical heritage of cities and regions, while offering a fresh perspective on the future. Culture means change, and we believe that our events change the world around us.

That is why we work together not only with artists, creators or managers, but also representatives of the business world, who have been supporting us financially for years, becoming patrons of programmes and projects carried out by our institution.

Apart from the funds of the City of Krakow, which allow us to carry on with our everyday activities, and the support of our sponsors, we are constantly on a lookout for external funds, both provided both by Polish and international organisations, as well as institutions and foundations. We actively apply for grants (this includes the Norway Grants and the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme Block Grants), funding from the European Union and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as the Ministry of Development.

We are aware that festivals should not only contribute to the creation of culture, but also bring about innovation. This awareness allows us to raise funds for the digitisation of our activities, thus enabling us to share the results of our efforts with a wider audience. Also important is the international promotion of our brands – we submitted a number of applications for the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme, which has enabled us to carry out projects concerning the meetings industry, literature and film.

The fact that we are able to successfully extend our project budgets by obtaining external funding confirms that we are making the right programming decisions and proves that we are fulfilling one of the main tasks that we were entrusted with – promoting Krakow and the region.

Every award and prize is a reason for us to be happy, but we aren’t doing what we do to get praise and awards. We do it for residents of Krakow and visitors! However, every prize and distinction we receive tell us that we chose the right path and that our actions and efforts are appreciated not only by the direct recipients of our projects, festivals and programmes, but also by judges and experts from Poland and all over the world.

Our partners

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