The KBF is divided into a several departments, which together supervise the efficient functioning of the entire institution

  • Administration Department

    They know the KBF inside out, since they take care of the administrative and technical services in all the buildings we have at our disposal. They hold the reins of the InfoKraków network, Wyspiański Pavilion, Powiśle 11, Zgody 7 and our warehouses. They oversee investments and overhauls, they distribute IT equipment among employees, manage means of transport and fixed assets.

  • Audience Research and Development Department

    Thanks to this department, we know the audiences of our events, programmes and projects. The tasks of this department include audience surveys, preparing reports and recommendations based on survey results, collecting data and editing reports related to the statutory activities of the KBF. They analyse sales data and manage the distribution of tickets via different sales channels, they also support the organisational activities concerning the audience during events. They monitor and evaluate our results, checking their consistency with the brand strategy – if we deviate from our course, they will notice it right away.

  • Finance and Accounting Department

    You can count on them. Making sure that our books are perfect, maintaining cost records, as well as financial and accounting services for programmes co-financed by the European Union and other external sources are just some of the most important tasks of this department. They are also counting on other KBF employees, who are responsible for putting contracts with external vendors into circulation. The Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for controlling the formal and accounting records, as well as payments for our external partners.

  • InfoKraków Department

    If you are a tourist visiting Krakow, you should go there first. Nine InfoKraków points located in strategic tourist locations in the city are the key venues for this department, which also runs an integrated urban, tourist and cultural information system. The InfoKraków team makes sure that they offer comprehensive services for visitors from Poland and abroad, as well as for residents of Krakow. The department also runs Zgody 7 – a meeting place combined with an innovative city and tourist information point, café and a bookstore in Nowa Huta.

  • Local Initiatives Department

    They feel right at home when they are able to work at the intersection of the cultural sector, crafts and traditions of the region. LID – that’s how we refer to it in short – is responsible for networking and coordinating the activities of local artistic circles in areas such as the intangible heritage of the city and its historical traditions (including St. John’s Fair, the coronation of the King of the Marksmen), visual arts and public art, ecological projects, slow and civic movements (including projects submitted as part of civic and district budgets). Their tasks also include cooperation with partners active in the areas of folklore, ethnic art and exhibitions in public space.

  • Communication Department

    It’s the Communication Department staff that makes sure that our voices are heard. They work with traditional media, they post in social media, they make sure that our events are visible in press and online. They create and implement creative concepts of promotional campaigns, focusing on solutions that draw on the latest trends in culture and business marketing. They are responsible for public relations activities, media patronages, organising press conferences and managing our websites – in a word, they tell everybody what is happening at the KBF and build our image.

  • Krakow Film Commission Department

    When it comes to the silver screen, they are experts – no questions about it. The Krakow Film Commission supports the realisation of film productions, assisting the filming teams with obtaining all required permits and in accessing public locations throughout the region. They work with filmmakers at almost all stages of production. The Krakow Film Commission oversees the Regional Film Fund in Krakow, financed from the budget of the City of Krakow and Małopolskie Voivodeship. It also offers organisational and promotional support to film festivals, workshops, conferences and educational activities, stimulating the local audio-visual industry. Premieres of films featuring Krakow and Małopolska is also their thing.

  • Creation and Branding Department

    Fine feathers make fine birds… Or at least that’s how the saying goes. Graphic design and visual identification of each and every single one of our activities is taken care of by the Creation and Branding Department, which is responsible for promotional campaigns and all advertising activities for all events and programmes organised by the KBF. This includes graphic design, printing, outdoor campaigns, exhibitions, photo documentation and branding at our events, as well as our publishing projects. Together with the Communication Department, they are responsible for creating the image of our events – they are the ones who make it impossible to confuse Sacrum Profanum with any other festival in Krakow, and the fact that the Conrad Festival is filled to the brim with literature from the very first glance is also their doing. The Creation and Branding Department is also responsible for promoting the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, Krakow Film Commission, InfoKraków points, Karnet magazine, the Krakow Travel website and Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature programme.

  • Literary Department

    Krakow in words! The Literary Department is responsible for the realisation of the Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature programme, organisation of the largest literary festivals in Poland: Conrad Festival and Miłosz Festival, as well as support for other genre festivals. It runs literary education programmes, supports literary debuts and offers writing courses, it also organises the nationwide Read PL! campaign. They also run strategic activities supporting a sustainable book market, including programmes for publishers and bookshops. The department also carries out projects supporting the diverse literary heritage of Krakow and coordinates activities related to the emerging “Planet LEM” Literature and Language Centre in the Salt Store.

  • Music Department

    They know what’s going on and make sure that the audiences of our events also know what’s in vogue and what’s important in the current music landscape, while constructively referring to our musical heritage. They are responsible for programming events, enlisting artists, taking care of festival guests during their stay in Krakow. Rehearsals before concerts, contract negotiations, transport logistics and book and record releases accompanying the events – they make sure that everything plays out just fine from the start to the very finish.

  • ICE Kraków Technical Support Department

    The Technical Department features experts responsible for producing and running the events at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre – congresses, conferences, concerts and performances – using state of the art technologies and modern methodologies of creative event planning and realisation. Together they create events that are second to none. ICE Kraków, a venue run by the KBF, has top-notch electric and acoustic technicians, lighting specialists, experts in stage mechanics and technology, as well as multimedia experts at its disposal. Although they aren’t in the spotlight, no event could be done without them.

  • Human Resources Department

    KBF is made up of people who know their stuff. The Human Resources Department knows how to reach them and how to sift through the list of candidates to find the ones who will feel right at home with us. It deals with all kinds of staff processes, from staffing planning, recruitment and onboarding, through motivating and developing staff to their (eventual) outboarding. They are also responsible for recruiting volunteers for our events – if you want to become one of them, this department will consider your application first, no matter how old and experienced you are.

  • Legal Department

    Employees in this department are responsible for making sure that all actions and activities of KBF employees comply with the letter of law. They provide us with legal assistance, prepare draft documents, terms, conditions and contracts, they negotiate and draw up contracts, preparing legal opinions on the resolutions of the Krakow City Council and the Resolutions of the Mayor of Krakow concerning our activities. They take care of our copyrights and licenses and are responsible for conducting proceedings based on public procurement law.

  • Production Department

    A staple of all events. They are responsible for producing events organised by the KBF: they take care of stage technology and logistics, security at our events, communication with the authorities and municipal bodies, as well as obtaining the required approvals and permits for the events. The great New Year’s Eve stage in the very heart of the city, finding unobvious spaces for culture or business meetings – all of this is their doing.

  • Social Projects and Education Department

    If you create a culture, you should make sure it is open and accessible. The department is responsible for the development of KBF’s social responsibility activities. It cooperates with non-governmental organisations and institutions bringing together people with disabilities, elderly and excluded people, as well as local government and NGOs, whose offer is addressed to children. They take care of the inclusive character of our activities and promote pro-environmental attitudes – both within the KBF and within the framework of implemented projects. The department also pursues its goals through the Kraków for All and Kids in Kraków brands.

  • ICE Kraków Project Implementation Department

    The ICE Kraków Project Implementation Department is responsible for production and implementation of all events organised in the venue – congresses, conferences, cultural and social events, as well as trade shows. It runs projects and take care of customers, they aggregate technical and logistic information, offer their expertise and advice concerning interior design and use of available infrastructure. The department also oversees internal regulations concerning rental contracts, our work regulations or general health and safety regulations in the venue.

  • Accounts Receivable Department

    There’s no other department in the whole of KBF that has such an eye for detail as the Accounts Receivable Department. Assessing contracts, issuing invoices and accounting revenues and income of the KBF are some of their basic tasks. They also don’t shy away from more complex tasks and responsibilities – they won’t balk at a VAT sales register, accounting for service imports or inventory of assets and liabilities. And this is just the beginning..

  • Process Development and Optimisation Department

    This department looks closely at how the KBF operates at all levels. How to improve our operations? How to implement new solutions? The Process Development and Optimisation Department is responsible for analysing and modelling internal processes, as well as developing and proposing new tools that support our everyday operations. It also has one more very important task – obtaining and accounting for subsidies from external sources, which enable the Operations,
    Executive and Marketing Departments to make their boldest and most interesting ideas a reality.

  • ICE Kraków Sales and Marketing Department

    A department, whose staff knows the MICE industry inside out. They use their expertise and skills to raise funds for the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. They actively pursue new customers and build long-term relationships with the business tourism industry. They rent the space of the Congress Centre to organisers of congresses, conferences, corporate and business outings, as well as cultural and social events. They also cross their t’s and dot their i’s by coordinating catering services the premises of the venue, thus ensuring that every ICE Kraków customer will want to come back there.

    ICE Kraków Technical Maintenance and Operations Department

    You can be sure that the ICE Kraków Congress Centre is in good hands. ICE Kraków Technical Maintenance and Operations Department is responsible for comprehensive administrative and technical maintenance of the building – they make sure that everything works as intended in every area of operation. They perform periodical inspections required by law, they also organise and supervise cleaning, repair, greenery maintenance, facility security, as well as service and maintenance services. They fix problems, keep building records and prepare budgets for necessary repairs, overhauls and equipment upgrades. What would we do without them?

  • Business Cooperation Department

    Cooperation with partners and sponsors of the KBF, participation in sponsorship campaigns concerning entertainment and culture – the broad range of events organised and run by the KBF allows companies to find the most convenient field to support their brand, regardless of their business profile [link to the Cooperation tab]. They are assisted in this process by the Business Cooperation Department, which is responsible, among other things, for advertising, promotional and commercial activities during our events, as well as dealing with the sale of advertising space at InfoKraków points, on our websites and in the Karnet monthly. It also takes care of long-term relations with our partners by organising networking events aimed at building relations between representatives of business and culture.

  • Publishing Department

    This department will always notice every wrong comma in your texts. Articles and news, editing and proofreading, taking care of linguistic and stylistic correctness of texts published by the KBF in the form of news, magazines, books, leaflets, brochures and websites – these are all among the tasks carried out by the Publishing Department. It is also responsible for the Karnet bilingual cultural monthly, as well as for building and updating the content of and the Krakow Travel official tourist portal.

  • Chief Accountant

    The heart and mind of the Finance Department, who supervises the accounting and financial management of the KBF. She manages, coordinates and supervises the financial aspects of our tasks carried out by individual departments of the KBF within her Department.

  • Project Managers

    Working schedules that work, meticulous Gant charts, making sure that meetings of the project teams take place on a regular basis and keeping an eye on deadlines – this is what they do. The managers make sure that all KBF projects are carried out properly, within the agreed timeframe, budget and scope. They are responsible for achieving the set objectives and goals, managing project teams and evaluation. They guide the employees of other departments through the thickets of tasks, topics and deadlines, so that in the end, everybody finishes the process of organising even the most demanding festivals, events, programmes and projects unscathed.

  • Legal Counsel

    In our work, we encounter numerous legal problems, that is why having a legal counsel at our disposal is essential. They provide the KBF with legal assistance by offering their expert advice, drafting legal opinions, legal acts and representing us before authorities and courts as legal representatives.

  • Press Officer

    The voice of many of our projects and a source of calmness in crisis situations. Responsible for creating KBF’s information policy and contacting the beneficiaries and stakeholders of all activities, programmes and events. Our representative in Poland and abroad. Develops strategic documents related to risk management and tackles communication in case of crisis situations. Holds responsibility for communicating with the media and preparing answers to inquiries and questions in cooperation with our employees. Always ready for a stint in front of the camera, two words into the microphone and one right decision in a difficult moment.

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