Awards, prizes, trophies, distinctions and certificates – who doesn’t like being on the receiving end? They bring the more joy the more they are a result of hard work and its outcomes – products, projects, personal achievements or organised events. For more than 20 years now, we have been making every effort to ensure the highest quality of our work, which brought us hundreds of awards and distinctions.

It is worth mentioning that the music events we produced were distinguished by the Polityka weekly a number of times. .The Zgody 7 City Information Point in Nowa Huta was awarded the “Family and Children-Friendly Place” certificate.

Our literary projects and festivals (including the Conrad Festival) were listed among the most important events of their kind in Europe and the world by numerous eminent entities, including the Academy of Writers at Penguin Random House and the London Book Fair. We also received the IFEA Pinnacle Awards for graphic design, as well as Proton and Złoty Spinacz [Golden Paperclip] Prizes for our Public Relations activities, Eagles – Polish Film Awards for film co-productions, as well as MP Power Awards for our amazing staff and the best congresses in Poland.

However, that’s not all! Grand Prix in the Marketing Director of the Year category, Golden Sunflowers, Radio Krakow Brand (a number of times!), Empik Bestseller – these are some of the other distinctions we received. And there is more: Golden Formats, European Design Awards and EFFE Label quality marks awarded by the European Festivals Association, an eminent international organisation, as well as the IFEA World Festival & Event City Award for the City of Krakow – a distinction received thanks to the application we submitted on behalf of fifty two initiatives co-organised by the City of Krakow.

Every award and prize is a reason for us to be happy, but we aren’t doing what we do to get praise and awards. We do it for residents of Krakow and visitors! However, every prize and distinction we receive tell us that we chose the right path and that our actions and efforts are appreciated not only by the direct recipients of our projects, festivals and programmes, but also by judges and experts from Poland and all over the world.

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